Photo Story: Protest in Bucharest

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Romanian activists stand still after placing hundreds of children shoes on the pavement during a protest against the way Romanian authorities handled the kidnapping and killing of a 15-years old girl in the southern city of Caracal, in front of the Interior Ministry Headquarters, in Bucharest, Romania, 03 August 2019.

People, organized by an opposition party, gathered to protest and to ask the government to answer on the failed operation of saving the kidnapped teenage girl, who manage to call three times the 112 emergency number.

Alexandra kidnap protest in Bucharest

According to official figures, in Romania, in 2018, 4000 minors were declared missing, of whom 3600 were found. The remaining 410 were not found, thus, the protest was titled ‘#400 for 400’. Alexandra Macesanu, a 15-year-old girl from Dobrosloveni village, Olt County, disappeared on 24 July 2019 after leaving for Caracal while hitchhiking.

The 66 years-old man who was detained as suspect confessed on 28 July, in front of prosecutors, that he killed Alexandra.

Today, the prosecutors make public the fact that forensic biologic evidence found at the suspect house matched Alexandra’s DNA.

Alexandra kidnap protest in Bucharest
A banner, reading ‘YOU KILL THEM !!!’, and a pair of children shoes were left by a protester at the entrance of the Interior Ministry building during the protest.



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