Photo Story: Denmark and Scotland hit by severe flooding

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A policer officer takes a photo of a flooded neighbourhood caused by a storm surge that brought heavy winds and increased water levels in Haderslev, Denmark.

 A gale warning has been issued for Southern Baltic, Western Baltic, the Belts and the Sound, Kattegat, Skagerrak, Fisher and German Bight, with an almost stationary front zone from the North Sea to northernmost Germany adding rain to the southern waters, the Danish Meteoroligical Institure (DMI) said that is valid until Friday, 20 October 2023.

Parts of eastern Scotland experienced severe flooding on Friday after Storm Babet brought “exceptional” rainfall and winds of more than 70 mph which overwhelmed defences and left thousands of homes without power.

Britain’s national weather forecaster, the Met Office, issued its first red warning for rain since February 2020, predicting some locations would see as much as 250 millimetres (9.84 inches).

A woman was killed on Thursday after being swept into a river, while Police Scotland said on Friday a search was under way after reports of a man trapped in a vehicle in floodwater.

The local authority of Angus asked more than 400 homes to evacuate on Thursday due to flood warnings, and schools were closed. Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks said it was working to restore power to thousands of homes.


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