National Day celebrations in Switzerland to suit COVID-19 era

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An 80×80 meter Swiss flag hung up by high workers on the occasion of the national holiday on Saturday on a rock face below the Saentis on the Schwaegalp, Switzerland.

The Mountains ‘les Dents de Veisivi’ and ‘la Dent de Perroc’ were  illuminated (photo below) on Friday evening by a three minute and thirty second long pyrotechnic light show, celebrating the Swiss national day one day ahead, in the alpine village les Hauderes near Evolene, Switzerland.

As opposed to the traditional fireworks, the almost 100 kg of magnesium-based powders will burn in silence to celebrate the national day on 1 August

Light Show to celebrate Swiss National Day

Although Swiss National Day is on Aug. 1, many people celebrate the night before. The date marks the foundation of Switzerland in 1291.

The show, which illuminated 12 square km (4.6 square miles) of the mountains, was visible from 20 km (12 miles) away.

Gatherings of more than 1,000 people are currently banned to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Thousands of spectators gathered in the Evolene valley below to see the three-minute long display, at a safe distance from each other.


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