Photo Story: The giant pumpkins of Zamora

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Farmer Manuel Ramos with one of his four giant pumpkins on his vegetable patch in Fermoselle, Zamora, Spain, near the border with Portugal.

Manuel, an amateur farmer who has been cultivating giant pumpkins weighing over 215 kilograms, aims to publicly show the biggest of his four enormous pumpkins and even attend a fair in Porto, Portugal.

Although the largest pumpkin started to take shape in late April, the cultivation process has taken almost a year of work as he started conditioning and fertilizing the soil in September last year.

Ramos looks after his pumpkins and waters them every day in order to encourage their growth.

Giant pumpkins in ZamoraGiant pumpkins in Zamora


Photos: EPA-EFE/Mariam M. Montesinos

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