Photo Story: Vigil for fire at the Krefeld Zoo on New Year’s night in Germany

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Candles and soft toys are placed at the entrance outside of the zoo in Krefeld, Germany, late evening 01 January 2020.

All animals, in total more than 30, died during the fire at the Krefeld Zoo ape house in the New Year’s night.

The dead animals include chimpanzees, orangutans and two older gorillas. The criminal police in Krefeld currently assume that so-called sky lanterns may have set the monkey house on fire on New Year’s Eve.

According to reports, eyewitnesses had seen sky lanterns land on the roof of the building.

More than 30 animals die during a fire at the Krefeld Zoo in the New Year's night
A general view of the completely burned out ape house of the zoo in Krefeld, Germany. EPA-EFE/SASCHA STEINBACH


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