Photo Story – We may be weary but remain strong. It may be stormy now but it cannot rain forever!

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As the second wave pummels over Malta health practitioners continue their work incessantly.

On a Facebook post published on Friday, emergency physician Jonathan Joslin shared a photo of an emergency department health pracitioner who is visibly tired, perhaps lost in thoughts yet resilient in her duties at the frontline of the second covid-19 wave which took over Malta.

A photo which depicts a moment of spiritual self-isolation from the heaviness and the mental strain.

Malta, over the past month has witnessed a surge in the number of cases.

After a relatively successful management of the first wave, where the country kept the numbers very low, the second wave has hit the island’s shores early and a number of restrictive measures started to be introduced. Medical practitioners and healthcare professionals often found themselves on the ‘opposing’ side of other cohorts of Malta’s socio-economic debate in view of the economic pressures which also needed redress.

The country’s total of cases, this week, has surpassed the 5,000 mark.

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