Pietro Anastasi died of ALS, after requesting assisted sedation – Son

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“Dad had the ALS, which had been diagnosed three years ago after being operated on for a tumour of the intestine. The last few months have been really devastating and he on Thursday evening when he was admitted to the ‘Circolo’ hospital in Varese asked assisted sedation to be able to die peacefully.”

This is what Gianluca Anastasi told ANSA about the death of his father Pietro that took occurred on Friday, confirming that it was due to the ALS. “He chose Thursday night to leave. He called my mom and told us he wanted her right away.”

In an interview in December 2018, he said that he had cancer, but after his death,  it emerged that the cause of his death was the ALS, a disease which affects football players in Italy, in fact statistically are more effected, so much that they are in first the place ahead of farmers.

According to reports, it was the former Juventus player who asked for the euthanising assisted sedation in the hospital the day before his death.

Also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, named after the American baseball player who first suffered from it, between the 1930s and 1940s, the ALS in Italy became known to the general public thanks to Stefano Borgonovo.

It was the former Fiorentina striker who tore the veil of modesty and silence around a disease that had already affected the former Genoa captain, Gianluca Signorini. And before him Armando Segato, Ernst Ocwirk, Guido Vincenzi and Fulvio Bernardini.

“It all started three years ago with pain in the arm and leg but at the beginning we didn’t say anything – reconstructs Gianluca – We did other tests and it turned out that he had a tumor in his intestine, even if the problem persisted in the legs. Anyway Dad did surgery and the tumor was pulled away. Then we did other medical analysis and investigations and the real problem emerged.

The doctor told us that it was the ALS but we preferred to keep silent even if he had understood everything. We decided to tell him the truth three months ago – continues the eldest son of Anastasi – but as he already felt it was the ALS as the problems in the movements were evident.

Since then it has precipitated and the last months have been really devastating, because dad could no longer move and was breathing hard and helped himself with the help of a machine from which he could no longer detach himself. Then he was also advised to have a tracheotomy but points he said ‘enough’, I will follow the fate of my disease, “and refused the fury therapeutic.

On Wednesday he entered the Hospice, where the terminally ill are, and the next day he decided to be sedated. He was conscious even if it was difficult to speak, he greeted us, my brother who lives in America, then me and my mom, we chatted half an hour of the old days and the good life together then the doctor arrived, he put the needle for assisted sedation. In 40 minutes he fell asleep and the next day Dad died. ”