FIAU Chair nominated for MFSA role / Malta News Briefing – Tuesday 24 January 2023

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The Times of Malta reports that FIAU chairman Jesmond Gatt has been nominated by the government to chair the board of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Maltatoday says that the Nationalist Party has called for Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri to step down from his post after former prison director Robert Brincau was convicted of threatening a man earlier today.

The Malta Independent quotes NSO data which shows that during the fourth quarter of 2022, sea transport between Malta and Gozo registered increases in passengers and vehicles and a decrease in trips when compared to the corresponding quarter of 2021.

TVM reports that a couple who squandered €35,000 raised for their cancer-stricken son were given a three-year probation and a €50,000 fine. The monies were mostly lost on gambling.

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Prison director resigns after being found guilty of injuring man

Prison director Robert Brincau resigned from his role shortly after a court found him guilty of a range of offences including injuring a man and carrying a gun without a licence at Għadira Bay in August. A volunteer ambulance driver had testified in court that Brincau pointed a firearm to his head during an argument at the beach. He was given a 12-month suspended sentence. Internal Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri has appointed Christopher Siegersma, formerly Commissioner for the Welfare and Development of Prisoners in his stead. (Times of Malta, Newsbook)

Commissioner for Children expresses concern after Valletta gang attack

The Office of the Commissioner for Children has condemned an incident which saw a group of youths injured in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack on teenagers in Valletta, and called for more security in such areas, “The Office continues to advocate for the right of children and adolescents to engage in safe recreational activities. Appropriate spaces should be made accessible so as to enable them to socialise and develop in a heathy manner,” the commissioner said. A teenager who was had his leg broken in the assault needs to undergo two operations. (Maltatoday)

Film industry generates €85m in 2022

The film industry has generated more than 85 million euros in 2022, the Film Commissioner said. Presenting last year’s annual report, Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that last year a total of 24 productions were made between feature films, reality shows and television series. The Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo said that as from this year the Screen Malta platform will be operated to attract more foreign productions to our shores. (TVM)

Morning Briefing

Promise of sale agreements in 2022 ‘normal’ – MDA President

The number of promise-of-sale agreements in 2022 was normal and there is no need to worry about the bursting of any property market bubble, president of the Malta Developers Association (MDA) Michael Stivala said. Reacting to NSO data which earlier this month indicated that there was 3,500 fewer promise of sale agreements in 2022 when compared to 202, Mr Stivala implied that the data was skewed by the fact that December 2021 was the last month of the reduced tax and stamp duty schemes. (The Malta Independent)

Pilatus Money laundering proceedings postponed as prosecution seeks UK help

Criminal proceedings concerning money-laundering activities against Pilatus Bank and one of its former top officials have been postponed indefinitely with the prosecution seeking legal assistance from UK authorities. The court was advised of these developments as the case against the Bank was meant to resume yesterday. Putting off the case indefinitely, the Magistrate estimated the case not going forward before at least another six months. (Times of Malta)

Government, Commission launch €2bn funding package for Malta

Government has formally launched the European Union operational programmes and plans allocated for Malta from 2021-2027, with a package exceeding €2 billion. Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that this was the largest allocation of EU funds that Malta has ever received, which was agreed after intense negotiations and discussions, and is aimed at making a tangible difference over the next decade as it will be used to enhance the investment in our people.

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