PM puts trust on doctors in abortion decision / Malta News Briefing – Monday 1st December 2022

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Woman involved in abortion request case to file for libel against conspiracy claims

A US woman denied a request to terminate a pregnancy in Malta has filed two libel suits against NGO lawyer Jason Azzopardi and blogger Simon Mercieca over claims that she conspired to introduce abortion to the country.Andrea Prudente and her husband Jay Weeldreyer are taking legal action, according to their lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic. The latter also said asked for Opposition representatives to apologise for the insensitivity shown. Jason Azzopardi had insisted that his allegations were founded, adding that “this is not a hypothesis. This is not a theory. This is the objective truth which occurred.” (Times of Malta)

Dcotors for Life say amendment risks allowing abortion on demand

Doctors for Life said in a statement that it shares the grave concerns that numerous prominent academics have recently expressed in their position paper about the legal amendment to the abortion law being proposed by the government. They argued that the wording as proposed by the government will be loosely interpreted to allow for abortion on demand, the association said in a statement. The text contained in the government’s amendment that specifically allows for the termination of a pregnancy where there may be a threat to a woman’s health is of particular concern. Over 450 doctors have signed the petition supporting the academics’ abortion law clause. (Maltatoday)

Man dies in Gozo incident

A 79-year-old man from Għajnsielem lost his life last night after he was involved in a traffic accident in the same village. The fatal accident occured at around 9pm in Triq l-Ixprunara. (TVM News)

Morning Briefing

PM puts trust on doctors in abortion decision

The abortion debate continue to dominate the political and social agenda with Prime Minister Robert Abela saying it will be up to doctors to decide what conditions justify a medical intervention that would result in the termination of a pregnancy, under the terms of legal amendments being debated by parliament. He argued that edical professionals would make those decisions “according to the established best practices” and anyone caught “abusing or stretching” the law would be criminally prosecuted, the prime minister told reporters on Wednesday. “I trust our medical professionals in their clinical judgment,” he added. (Times of Malta)

Amendments pave way to abortion in country – Bernard Grech

PNLeader Bernard Grech has said that Prime Minister Robert Abela is merely copying a law which other countries made, which led to allowing abortion in the country. This is because they did not specify on which health conditions constituted the right to an abortion. Addressing parliament, Grech accused government of wanting to fully open the doors for abortion to enter the country, contrary to Abela’s insistent position against abortion in recent years.
He continued that mental health did not justify the killing of a baby, but rather the mother should be provided with the adequate support for her mental health problems. (The Malta Independent)

ICC asked to investigate Abela and Muscat over crimes against humanity

PM Robert Abela and his predecessor Joseph Muscat have been reported by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)to the International Criminal Court (ICC) which was asked to investigate their involvement in “crimes against humanity against migrants and refugees who have been intercepted at sea and systematically returned to and detained in Libya.” The Center asked the ICC to investigate the individual criminal responsibility of high-ranking officials of EU member states and EU agencies regarding multiple severe deprivations of liberty that began with interceptions at sea between 2018 and 2021. (Newsbook)

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