Poland ‘seriously worried’ about Russian-Belarusian attack on northern Ukraine, Russian jets intercepted

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Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki shared his concerns about a potential joint Russian-Belarusian attack that could be launched on Ukraine from outside its northern border.

“I am seriously worried about an attack by the Russian army or the Russian-Belarusian forces on the northern border of Ukraine, which is what I make of the rationale behind the massing of newly recruited soldiers, Russian reservists, and military equipment,” PM Morawiecki told the “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” (DGP) daily.

The official went on to “dissuade any future attempts at the destabilisation of the Polish-Belarusian border.”

“We dealt with it last year. We built a barrier. However, along with the escalation of military operations, one must crank up their imagination and take into consideration more attempts at bringing a multitude of migrants or Russian and Belarusian troops-induced provocations on our border,” the PM said, adding that one “would have to reckon with provocations on the territory of our country.”
The PM stressed the utmost importance of arms delivery to Ukraine. “It comes down to making the Kremlin know that the whole free world will stand with Ukraine and protect its right to sovereignty.”

The official went on to tell DGP that the risk of Ukraine suffering financial attrition existed and that one of the goals of the Kremlin was to “bring about its bankruptcy”.

“After all, the Ukrainian state must pay its soldiers, policemen, teachers, nurses, doctors,” he said, adding that a lack of financial support when the state was levying about 20-30 percent of the pre-war taxes entailed a risk of collapse.

He also said that Russia’s attacks on energy infrastructure and sowing terror in Ukrainian cities could “trigger another wave of migration”.

“Poland, along with other states of the eastern flank, can manage 500,000 people. Currently, we are preparing for various scenarios,” Poland’s PM said.

As many as 7.17 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border into Poland since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Poland’s Border Guard said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Italian Air Force Eurofighters involved in ‘air policing’ in Poland have been scrambled twice over the last two days, once on Thursday and once on Friday, to intercept Russian aircraft that had come close to the NATO border, the armed force revealed.

Photo: An Aeronautica Militare Eurofighter touches down at Siły Powietrzne / Polish Air Force Malbork. Photo courtesy Italian Air Force.

Via TVP/ Polskie Radio/DGP

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