Superyacht owned by Russian multi-millionaire docks in Birgu:/ Malta News Briefing – Friday 4 March 2022

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1745- Latest News update

Times of Malta says the electoral campaign’s first debate between Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition leader Bernard Grech is being hosted by the Malta Chamber on March 16.

MaltaToday says Bernard Grech visited students at the Junior College in Msida on Friday a new catchment area for votes in an election where the voting age has been reduced to 16.

Newsbook says new cases of homeless individuals including pregnant women are seeking help at the Soup Kitchen on a daily basis

TVM says that Axl Mallia, 21, from Marsa has been held under arrest after he was arraigned in court for causing grievous facial injuries to a young man following a dispute over a young woman.

Updated 1300 – Mid-Day Briefing

Superyacht owned by Russian multi-millionaire docks in Birgu: A superyacht owned by a Russian multi-millionaire with Maltese citizenship docked in the Grand Harbour this morning. Polaris, a 70-metre superyacht, is reportedly owned by Maxim Shubarev who purchased Maltese citizenship in 2018. Reports suggest that Shubarev is not onboard the vessel, which is being held by Polaris Charters limited, a Malta-based company also owned by Shubarev. Shubarev, 59, is the chairman of Setl Group, a major Russian construction company based in St Petersburg. Many EU countries have refused to provide shelter to super yachts of the Russian elite, as part of sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.  

Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria will be at basis of PN’s reforms – Claudio Grech: PN MP Claudio Grech said that a new Nationalist administration will ensure that economic, social and governance criteria will be the key elements which determine eligibility for schemes, tax cuts and support. Speaking at a business meeting during which he presented the PN’s economic vision Claudio Grech told guests the manifesto was “a clear demonstration” that the party is there for everyone. “The Nationalist Party is in good hands with Bernard Grech, a politician with conscience and humanity,” he said. Claudio Grech, who announced he would not be re-contesting this year’s election, said that ESG is the way forward and will lead to radical change in culture because it will ensure more responsibility by companies.

New investment by SR Technics to create 500 jobs: SR Technics has inaugurated a new facility for the repair and maintenance of aircrafts in Luqa with an investment of €42 million. With this investment, the number of employees at SR Technics will increase to 500 in the next two years. The six-bay hangar is considered a centre of excellence in the field of aircraft maintenance and repair. Prime Minister Robert Abela said that this sector has a more successful future ahead of it. “This state-of-the-art project will be home to hundreds of workers in building their careers to deliver excellence in customer service. This is an investment that represents the commitment to a more innovative country.”

Covid-19 Update: 98 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Friday, while 72 recovered, bringing active cases up to 800. Three persons are currently in ITU.

Morning Briefing

President George Vella calls for ceasefire, diplomatic solutions to war in Ukraine

President George Vella appealed for a quick ceasefire and for diplomatic solutions to the war in Ukraine. Addressing the World Forum for Culture of Peace ‘Leadership for Just Peace’, Vella said that the “world is witnessing an atrocious attack on all notions of democracy, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.” Stressing that the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Ukraine is unacceptable, Vella said “we cannot achieve just peace if we still live in a world of inequalities, big or small.” [Newsbook]

Labour promises less homework, PN more social housing

As the electoral pledges from the major political parties continue to be unveiled, Labour committed itself to a “national level” debate on homework and students’ free time. “The country has to move towards an education system where homework is not required,” the party said in a statement. Robert Abela made the pledge as part of a series of commitments on education announced during a meeting with teachers’ unions. On the other hand, the PN promised to build 500 new social housing units every year in a bid to tackle long waiting lists for accommodation. The PN in government will also seek to incentivise private landlords to lower rent for residential accommodation through tax break. [Times of Malta]

Covid-19 Update: A 77-year-old man died while COVID positive, the health authorities said. In the meantime, 94 people tested positive for COVID while a further 70 recovered between Tuesday and Wednesday, according to data published yesterday.

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