Prince Charles ‘remains politically neutral’ despite ‘calling Rwanda policy appalling’

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Prince Charles is said to remain “politically neutral”, despite having reportedly branded the government’s policy to send migrants to Rwanda “appalling”.

The Times newspaper said a source had heard the Prince of Wales express opposition to the policy several times in private, and that he was “more than disappointed” by it.

The comments were reported after a High Court ruling paved the way for the first flight to the east African country to go ahead on Tuesday.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “We would not comment on supposed anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to restate that he remains politically neutral. Matters of policy are decisions for government.”

As head of state, Charles’s mother the Queen has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters and does not vote or stand for election, the royal family’s official website says.

Traditionally, royals do not become involved in political matters.

However Charles, a future king, has been outspoken in the past and faced criticism over his involvement in public and political issues.

On Friday, the High Court said the first flight to take 31 asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda could go ahead.

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