Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge play virtual Pictionary with Pakistani children

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Kensington Palace revealed that both Prince William and Kate spoke with two separate Pakistani organisations they met during their 2019 royal tour of the country to see how they are coping amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Checking in first with the teachers of the Islamabad Model College for Girls, the couple then joined a few students in a virtual game of Pictionary. 

During their game, one of the girls asked both the duke and duchess if they enjoyed drawing in their spare time. And in response, William revealed his wife to be the far superior artist. “Yes, definitely. We both like a little bit of drawing,” quipped William. “Catherine is very good. I am really bad.”

The royal couple then spoke to children and staff from the SOS Children’s Village in Lahore. During that conversation, William and Kate learned about how the village has come together to help teach children protective measures and combat the spread of COVID-19 through special sessions led by doctors and medical staff. 

Some of the children also showed the couple artwork, including drawings and friendship bracelets, inspired by the royals’ visit last year. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2019 visit marked the first time royals had toured the country since 2006.


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