Prof Charmaine Gauci hints at re-opening of schools

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Health Superintendent Prof Charmaine Gauci today gave a strong hint that schools might re-open after the Easter holidays, saying that authorities have done all they could to allow school to re-open. The matter has been the subject of intense debates among educators, parents and students.

With cases going down to below 1,000, and with the lowest count of new cases registered on Tuesday, many have brought up again the issue of whether kids will be back behind their desks after the end of the holidays.

The major two unions in the sector, MUT and UHM have so far not pronounced themselves on the matter.

During an interview on The Times of Malta, Gauci quipped: “Education comes before entertainment. Schools have always been our priority,” she said.”

She also revealed that discussions were under way with the Ministry of Education in order to facilitate A level and O level exams, she said.

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