Progress in the fight against coronavirus since the end of lockdown had been “erased” – French Health Minister

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France sounded an alarm call on Saturday, warning its progress in the fight against coronavirus since the end of lockdown had been “erased” as Europe faced a significant surge in new infections across the continent, The Telegraph  reports.

Health officials in Paris pointed to “the clear increase” in infections, with 1,130 new cases detected across the country on Friday. Just 81 new daily infections were reported on June 24 after lockdown was eased at the end of May.

The Telegraph reports: France’s health ministry saying “We have returned to levels comparable with those at the end of the lockdown period. We have thus erased a good part of the progress made during the initial weeks since the lockdown was lifted. It’s more essential than ever to reimpose our collective discipline.”á

The “R” rate – which determines whether the virus is spreading – had risen to 1.3 in France, meaning that for every 10 people with Covid-19, 13 more will become infected.

From the Atlantic in the west through to the Black Sea in the east, the figures in Europe tell a similar story. New daily infections in Spain dipped to an average of 132 in June, but were up at 2615 last Thursday, while Romania last week recorded its worst day ever, with 1119 new cases on Friday. Other Balkan states, including Bulgaria and Serbia are also showing increases, though the death tolls there are a fraction of what they are in the western European countries.

Experts say an uptick was to be expected, but say that there are worrying trends.

Forbes reports

  • 1,130 new daily cases were reported Friday, a far cry from the mere 81 counted this time last month, and France is working to have their residents work from home as a mitigation effort.
  • Spain is also concerned about a potential second wave as new, localized clusters appear to spring up just a month after their lockdown ended, with cities like Barcelona experiencing spikes as its larger region, Catalonia, announced it would shutter nightclubs for two weeks to try and get a grasp of the spread.
  • Germany’s “second coronavirus wave is already here,” Michael Kretschmer, Saxony’s Minister President, was quoted as saying in the Rheinische Post Saturday per a Deutsche Welle translation. The country has counted an upward slope of new daily cases over a week, according to media reports, with most coming from the south and southwestern parts of the country.

The Telegraph / Forbes/ DW

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