Protesters in Spain demand law to ban hunting and protect hunting dogs

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Reuters / Anadolu – Hundreds of people marched in peaceful protests against hunting on Sunday, Feb. 7, in Spain’s more than 30 provinces.

Protesters in capital Madrid carried banners against hunting and demanded protection for Spanish hunting dogs. They gathered outside the Congress of Deputies and voiced their demands about banning hunters from leaving thousands of hunting dogs to die when hunting season ends.

They demand a legislation to protect the hunting dogs which are left to die every year.

In Spain, after the hunting season ends, there is a tradition of killing dogs that have been involved in hunting, mostly either Spanish greyhounds (galgos) or podencos. The dogs are often killed in an unethical manner, such as by hanging, poisoning or stoning. This is based on the belief that, the more painfully a dog dies, the better luck a hunter will have next year.

It is estimated that 100.000 galgos and podencos that have been used for hunting purposes are cruelly killed each year in Spain.

Protesters want the European Union and the European Parliament to put pressure on the Spanish authorities to act fast in order to stop cruelty towards hunting dog.

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