Putin and Xi meet to strengthen ties

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The Russian and Chinese leaders on Wednesday met once again, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum after having cozied up repeatedly in recent years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. It will be their 28th encounter in six years; it is fair to say they know each other well.

Xi is on a three-day state visit to Russia.

The two sides plan to sign 30 cooperation agreements at the summit, which was organized by the Chinese ambassador to Russia, Li Hui. At public events, he is keen to highlight the fact that China and Russia work together closely on many diplomatic issues. The two nations, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, often join forces — usually to undermine Western foreign policy initiatives.

China and Russia have been working to strengthen ties in multiple spheres in recent years – especially since 2014 when Moscow’s already deteriorating ties with the West worsened further following the annexation of Crimea and led to the imposition of heavy economic sanctions.


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