Quotas are not the way forward for females in politics – Malta Small Business Chamber GRTU

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The small business chamber GRTU has come out against a proposal for gender quotas to increase the number of female MPs in the House of RepresentativesDescribing the proposals as “not the way forward for females interested in politics”, the GRTU said the gender corrective mechanism would lead to the appearance of equality, when the real hurdle facing women were MPs’ salaries.

“The gender corrective mechanism is not what females or anyone else interested in politics needs. What is needed is a real chance to make this opportunity a reality. Current conditions for MPs force them to dedicate their life to politics and setting aside full-time career aspirations and their families,” the GRTU said.

This is the real hurdle keeping not just women but all valid individuals that want to choose to be active and present in their families and pursue a career that will help them not to struggle financially. It is inhumane to ask from our MPs to stay at work be- cause their pay at Parliament just cannot sustain them, then, after work hours, be an MP and dedicate him/herself to politics and then also be an active parent.”


Via MaltaToday

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