Re-opening of schools is Italy’s government priority

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said reopening schools on schedule on September 14 remained the government’s priority. “It is our top priority”, he said.

The biggest high school in Verbania in Piedmont, open since August 26 for catch-up courses, has been closed for a COVID-19 case, a teacher, sources said Monday. Head teacher Vincenza Maselli said the Cobianchi School had suspended teaching to enable the premises to be sanitized.

The government and regions are set for talks Monday on school transport in view of the September 14 reopening of schools across Italy. Catch-up lessons will start in the rest of Italy’s schools on Tuesday, Verbania being one of the few exceptions.

President Sergio Mattarella said on the 150th anniversary of the birth of education pioneer Maria Montessori that “the school community is a decisive resource for the future of the national community”.

Conte reiterated Monday that “we will do all we can to reopen schools on time”. 


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