Relief for sporting enthusiasts as Garmin resumes services, but some features remain restricted

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Talk of town among sport enthusiasts including runners, swimmers and cyclists continued to be dominated by the outage that knocked out Garmin products, resulting in an inability to upload one’s sessions online. American GPS and fitness-tracker company Garmin is dealing with the aftermath of a ransomware attack, the BBC has confirmed.

Owners of its products had been unable to use its services since Thursday. Despite individual sessions can now be uploaded, some of its online features are now being provided in a “limited” state, according to its online dashboard.

Garmin has said it was “the victim of a cyber-attack that encrypted some of our systems”.

But the statement it released avoided any reference to a ransom demand.

“Many of our online services were interrupted including website functions, customer support, customer-facing applications, and company communications, We have no indication that any customer data, including payment information from Garmin Pay, was accessed, lost or stolen.”

The firm added that it expected all its systems to return to normal operation within a few days, but warned that there might be a “backlog” of user data to process.

It is not known if the firm paid the blackmailers, but a source told the BBC it was in the “final stage of recovery”.

Customers were also unable to log into Garmin Connect to record and analyse their health and fitness data.

There have been many high-profile attacks in recent months, but Garmin has been spectacularly quiet, making little effort to manage communications throughout the past few days.

The BBC said that members of Evil Corp, the criminal group that’s suspected of being behind the hack, were indicted in 2019 by the US Treasury.

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