Renzi satisfied that there was no deal between PD and M5s

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Former premier and ex Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi said  that he was pleased he had intervened to scupper the possibility of the centre-left group striking a government deal with the 5-Star Movement (M5S) after M5S founder Beppe Grillo talked about a euro referendum. “Today Grillo has talked about a referendum on the euro again,” said Renzi. He has got going again with insults and madness since he realized they will not be going to (the premier’s office) Palazzo Chigi.

“I am proud to have contributed, with many friends, to avoiding the deal between the PD and the M5S. “Coherence is worth more than positions”.

Grillo has mooted the idea of a referendum on whether Italy should have the euro as its currency in an interview published Friday by new French magazine ‘Putsch’. “I have proposed a referendum for the eurozone,” Grillo was quoted as saying by the monthly. “I want the Italian people to have their say. “Do the people agree? Is there a plan B? Is it necessary to come out of Europe or not?”.

M5S leader Luigi Di Maio said the party’s line on the EU and the euro had not changed: “to change everything”.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Gentiloni said that while his intention is that of not continuing to be Prime Minister, he is not in a position to say no to President Mattarella. He was taking part in the TV programme Che Tempo Che Fa. Gentiloni spoke about the difficulties going on at the moment for a formation of Government, following the elections in March. He also spoke about Renzi’s comment, and he said that even though the comments weren’t necessarily right, he also saw difficulty in an alliance involving the PD and the M5s.

Source: ANSA

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