Renzo Piano ready to help rebuild Morandi bridge

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Renzo Piano says he is readily available to help rebuild the Morandi bridge.

The Italian architect who grew up in a family of builders in the port city, said the sadness over the lives lost was “like a shadow that stays with you” but that any reconstruction could become a “positive moment of unity and cooperation”.

The Observer quotes Piano saying “I’ve already said I would be happy [to be involved] because that’s my mission. I’m also a senator for life [in the Italian parliament] and so it is one of my duties to respond to such a disaster in some way.”

The architect, who lives in Paris but has an office in Genoa, said that negativity arising from the political rancour since the tragedy could be counteracted by collaboration on a rebuild. While it was too early to talk about the design of a new bridge, he said, any future structure must be a statement of “real pride and values”.

“One thing for sure is that it must be beautiful – not in the sense of cosmetics but in conveying a message of truth and pride,” he said.

“It must be a place where people can recognise the tragedy in some way, while also providing a great entrance to the city. All this must be done without any sign of rhetoric – that would be the worst trap. But I think we will stay away [from that] and instead try to express real pride and values. That is what Genoa deserves.” He added: “Genoa is reluctant to spread emotion – it’s quite introspective and timid, but the strength is inside, like a retained energy. So it’s not a city that is screaming and shouting, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need help – and I will try to help.”

The Observer

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