Residents in the UK near damaged dam ‘risking lives’ as they refuse to leave homes

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Residents of Whaley Bridge are spending a fifth day out of their homes following the partial collapse of the town’s dam wall.

Storms predicted for Sunday missed the area, as fire crews continued to pump water away from Toddbrook Reservoir.

Thirty-one people refusing to leave a town in England where it is feared a damaged dam could burst have been warned they are putting their own lives and those of the emergency services at risk.

A senior officer said there could be “catastrophic” consequences if the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir collapses and there are people within the evacuation zone.

Detective Chief Constable Rachel Swann issued a stern warning, with 31 people from 22 households staying put.

It came after about 1,500 residents were earlier told they could briefly return to their homes on Sunday to collect their pets, medication and other necessary items.

Residents of 22 homes, thought to be a mix of those who have gone back to their properties and those who never left following the first evacuations on Thursday, are now refusing to leave despite police warning of a “very high” threat to life.


Via Sky News/ BBC

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