Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ murder capital with 16 killings in 2022

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There were 16 murders in Rotterdam last year, making the port city the murder capital of the country, the Telegraaf said on Monday.

Amsterdam was second on the list with 11 murders over the 12 month period, the paper said. The figures come from police units and the website, which monitors unlawful killings. In total 133 people were murdered in 128 different incidents, the paper said. At least 10 of the murders gang-related and in seven cases, people from eastern Europe who had come to work in the Netherlands were killed.

Of the 41 women who were murdered, 21 were killed by their partner and in 10 of those cases, the man also committed suicide.

The Dutch murder rate has been relatively stable for several years. In 2021, 126 people were murdered in the Netherlands and in 2020, 121. In the 1990s, the murder rate was at least twice as high. Just 12 of the cases have not yet been solved, the paper said.


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