UPDATED: Royal Marines board oil tanker in Gibraltar

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Royal Marines have boarded an oil tanker on its way to Syria thought to be breaching EU sanctions.

The government of Gibraltar said there was reason to believe the ship, called the Grace 1, was carrying crude oil to the Banias Refinery in Syria which is subject to European Union sanctions against Syria.

Gibraltar port and law enforcement agencies detained the super tanker and its cargo on Wednesday morning with the help of the marines.

Oil tanker bound for Syria detained by authorities in Gibraltar
A handout file photo made available by Tony Hogwood via MarineTraffic on 04 July 2019 shows the ‘Grace 1’ crude oil tanker in the Singapore Strait. EPA-EFE/TONY HOGWOOD / MARINETRAFFIC HANDOUT

Shipbrokers said Grace 1 loaded Iranian light-grade crude off Kharg Island in the Persian Gulf on April 7. It then remained in place off Fujairah, on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. Data showed the cargo on board had changed to fuel oil. It departed the region in mid-May, sailing round the Cape of Good Hope towards Gibraltar.


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