Russia says it sees no serious proposals for peace in Ukraine

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This content was produced in Russia where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

MOSCOW, Jan 18 (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that Moscow had yet to see any serious proposals for peace in Ukraine and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s own ideas on the subject were unacceptable.

Lavrov said Moscow stood ready to discuss the conflict with Western countries and to respond to any serious proposals, but that any talks needed to address Russia’s wider security concerns.

Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, Lavrov called again for NATO to remove its “military infrastructure” from Ukraine and other countries close to Russia’s borders.

Lavrov compared the recent actions of the United States to those of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte on Wednesday, saying Washington had also subjugated Europe in order to wage war against Moscow.

He said that the Nazi leader and French emperor had once tried to use the same tactic against Russia.

“The United States, through Ukraine by proxy, is waging a war against our country with the same task: the final solution of the Russian question,” Lavrov told reporters at his annual news conference.

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