Russians resorting to private jets to get out of the country

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Russia is experiencing an unprecedented demand for private jets in the aftermath of the first mobilisation since World War II ordered by Vladimir Putin. Wealthy Russians are seeking ways to get out of the country amid speculation that the Kremlin might close the borders to men of mobilisation age.

Seats are being sold at between 23,000 to 28,000 euro each with Russian men heading mainly to Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, three countries have allowed Russians visa-free entry. Yevgeny Bikov, a director at a company which brokers trips on private jets told The Guardian that “the situation is absolutely crazy at the moment. We would get 50 requests a day; now it is around 5,000.”

Most one-way commercial plane tickets have sold out for the days ahead, while border crossing are witnessing long traffic.

Private jet operators are even chartering larger commercial planes in an effort to meet the demand and bring down prices. “But we simply cannot find enough spots for everyone,” he said, adding that the cheapest seat on a chartered commercial plane to Yerevan was priced at about more than 3,300 euro.

Media reports suggest that it was not only rich people that were seeking to get out of Russia through private jets, with another private jet operator telling the UK newspaper that here are many who had some extra money left and are looking to get away.

via Reuters

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