Sassoli to EU institutions: “Be brave on EU recovery plan”

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EU President David Sassoli has called on the EU institutions to find consensus and back their commitment with a sizeable financial committment to help Europe emerge from the current health and economic crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now is the time to be courageous and ambitious with the actions backed by the EU budget. Parliament must be a key player in this process together with other institutions, so it can contribute to making it the best possible tool to help the European economy and its citizens. It is urgent to find an agreement on the recovery plan and the next multiannual budget” said Sassoli in a declaration published yesterday.

“Members had set very ambitious targets before the current crisis. Now is not the time to lower our ambitions and settle for a plan and a budget that would not be up to the challenges ahead.”

Sassoli insisted that despite the immediate challenges at hand, European politicians “must not lose sight of our long-term investments and strategic objectives. The crisis increased the imbalance between European regions and the recovery plan should help fill this gap.”

He insisted that parliamentarians need to have full say on where the money is invested since they represent citizens and the common good. As it has demonstrated since the beginning of its mandate, the Parliament is not a mailbox.

The European Parliament is expected to adopt next week in plenary a resolution on the Recovery Plan.

The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the years 2021-2027 will be at the core of this resolution and the EP will insist on safeguarding Parliament’s role. This is to provide democratic scrutiny, transparency, and accountability.

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