Scenes from Italian film about Caravaggio to be shot in Malta

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The shooting of the film “L’Ombra di Caravaggio” written, directed and starring Michele Placido has begun on the 21 September in Naples, after four years of work on the project.

During the shoot, the crew will move between Naples, Rome, the surroundings of Viterbo, Ariccia, Frascati and Malta.

Italian actor-director Michele Placido. EPA/ETTORE FERRARI

The cast includes Riccardo Scamarcio in the role of Caravaggio and with Michele Placido in the part of  Cardinal Del Monte.

The film marks the cinematic debut of Tedua, one of the most influential artist and rapper of the new Italian music scene, in the role of Cecco. 

Behind the scenes a team of award-winning artists such as Tonino Zera for the sets, Carlo Poggioli for the costumes, while the photography is entrusted to Michele D’Attanasio and the editing to Consuelo Catucci. The music is by Planetoid.
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