Sesame Street releases video to help children with autism adjust to life during Coronavirus

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Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind “Sesame Street,” is hoping to help through a new collection of videos and resources designed to help children with autism and their families cope with adjusting to life during the coronavirus epidemic.

Today.COM reports that the collection, released on September 21, stars Julia, the 4-year-old Sesame Street muppet with autism, and helps autistic kids work through difficult concepts like social distancing, disrupted routines and mask wearing.

In a clip about the importance of wearing a mask, Julia engages in a video chat with her dad and shares that although she’s excited about going to the park that day, she’s worried her mask will bother her ears and tickle her nose.

After Julia’s dad encourages her to practice wearing a mask at home, Julia and her stuffed bunny, Fluffster, give it a try, showing kids that practicing something that causes anxiety in advance may be beneficial.

removing uncertainty for kids with autism is key

Dr Kerry Magro

Dr. Kerry Magro, a speaker and author who is on the autism spectrum, is quoted by Today.COM saying that when it comes to helping kids with sensory issues cope with mask wearing, Julia’s dad gets it right, removing uncertainty for kids with autism is key, adding that showing kids social stories — learning tools designed to help people with autism understand situations and problems and how people deal with them — that talk through the facts and various outcomes can help ease nerves.

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