Since the beginning of the year, 40 dolphins died off the coast of Viareggio, Italy

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Since the beginning of the year 40 lifeless dolphins have been washed to the Tuscan shores.

Over the weekend two more were found dead off the coast of Viareggio.

This was announced by the regional agency Arpat explaining that two specimens of bottlenose dolphins were spotted off the coast of Viareggio, in Versilia (Lucca), where another dead dolphin had been found the day before, on the Lecciona beach.

From the beginning of the year the cetaceans deceased in Tuscany rose to 40. Meanwhile, the Region announces the first results of the analyzes of the four stranded between June and July: it seems that the Morbillivirus is the cause of deaths.

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The Morbillivirus seems to be the cause of the numerous deaths of dolphins found stranded along the Tuscan coasts over the past few months.

The Northern Tuscany operating unit of the Lazio and Tuscany Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute transmitted to the Regional Department of the Environment the result of the analysis of the organs taken from some of the stranded dolphins (it is recalled that the autopsy was only possible on the specimens found shortly after death and therefore in conditions not altered by tissue deterioration).

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