Social Media post shows truck carrying Evergreen container blocking Chinese highway

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A truck carrying an “Evergreen” shipping container is going viral on social media for its marked similarity to the colossal container ship (also carrying a brand “Evergreen”) that got stuck in the Suez Canal earlier this week.

The photo appears to be taken from surveillance footage, with text on the image’s header stating the location of the incident to be the Changshen Expressway (长深高速).


A monitor screen showed the time of 9:55 on March 27, 2021. The incident occurred at the southeast section of the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway (near Nanjing). It can be seen that a large number of cars are blocked in the rear. A truck with the words “EVERGREEN” printed on it is blocked in the middle of the road. A small passenger car in front of the front of the car is distorted, causing a heavy traffic jam in the rear.

Besides the fact that both vehicles have the word “Evergreen” on their side, other uncanny similarities could be observed.

The truck and ship both veered off course to their right side, and came to a halt at a roughly 45° angle.

Evergreen Shipping said that it does not operate trailer business in the mainland. Local inland transportation is carried by the trailer company appointed by the cargo owner. Evergreen is only responsible for sea transportation services, while the land transportation is carried out by the trailer company by the cargo owner. Therefore, in the photo The accident is not an Evergreen vehicle, and it is impossible to confirm whether the accident is true.

via Mothership / WEIBO / China Times

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