Sri Lankan government knew about Easter Sunday bomb attacks but didn’t inform anyone – Cardinal

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Sri Lankan Bishop, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith stated last week in the Vatican that the Sri Lankan government had been previously informed about the Easter Sunday bomb attacks, earlier this year. These claimed the lives of more than 250 people.

He said the Indian Secret Service had contact with terrorist groups and had learned of the matter. This information was tipped off to the Sri Lankan government as early as April 4, just 17 days before the attacks.

The government of Sri Lanka was informed about this attack on April 4 by the Indian Secret Service. They had had some contact with these groups and they knew they were planning an attack. This disaster could have been prevented. If I knew by any chance that there was an attack planned, I would have closed the churches and would have told the people to go home. We could have protected all these people, he said.

via  Rome reports

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