Sweden sees increase spread of UK variant

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Sweden has reported an increased spread of the British Covid-19 variant, with 11% of randomly screened positive tests last week showing the mutation, thought to be a more contagious form of the virus, the Public Health Agency said.

Sweden, which has seen a marked decrease of cases in recent weeks, found a total of 250 cases of the British variant last week out of 2,200 positive samples screened for the strain.

“We have a spread of this variant and it’s not only tied to travel,” Health Agency official Sara Byfors said. She explained that both the total number of cases of the variant and the share of the total positive tests was relatively low compared to many European states.

The Health Agency also said it would not use AstraZeneca’s vaccine for people over 65, citing lack of evidence it was effective for that age group.

via The Guardian

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