Swedes vaccinated with two COVID doses can start seeing relatives again

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Swedes living at nursing homes can start seeing relatives again two weeks after having received two vaccine doses, the government said.

“When they have, they can start hugging their grand children again,” Lena Hallengren, minister for health and social affairs, told a news conference.

She said it was too early to say when broader restrictions could be lifted.

The spread of the coronavirus in Sweden has accelerated in recent weeks and the Health Agency has warned of a possible third wave.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s vaccine coordinator said on Thursday that according to current information, Astrazeneca will be able to deliver 150 million doses of vaccine to the European Union in the second quarter, as previously communicated.

“It’s still lower than the original contract. We’re not entirely happy but they are trying to find new volumes and we think that is very good,” Swedish vaccine coordinator Richard Bergstrom told a news conference.

Main Photo: Sweden’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren . EPA-EFE/Henrik Montgomery

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