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French nominee for European Commission, Goulard, rejected by members of European parliament

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Members of the European Parliament on Thursday rejected Sylvie Goulard as France’s next European commissioner, dealing a blow to French President Emmanuel Macron and incoming Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

The Parliament’s internal market and industry committees voted in a secret ballot not to approve Goulard’s nomination to take on a beefed-up internal market portfolio, spanning industrial policy, defence and technology.

Eighty-two committee members voted against Goulard, 29 voted in favor and one abstained, according to multiple MEPs and Parliament officials.

Goulard, a liberal former MEP, had faced questions in two confirmation hearings about allegations that she used a European Parliament assistant for domestic political work, about her work for a U.S. think tank and about the size of her portfolio.


Via Politico

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