Tear Gas fired in Hong Kong protests

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Hong Kong riot police have fired multiple rounds of teargas on thousands of demonstrators surrounding the government headquarters, escalating tensions on the city’s 13th straight weekend of mass protests.

The Guardian reports that on Saturday protesters clad in all black, wearing helmets, gas masks and body armour, converged on the government headquarters after marching across the city in defiance of a police ban a day after a wave of arrests of prominent pro-democracy activists.

Police fired multiple rounds of teargas from inside Hong Kong’s legislature. Demonstrators, jeering at police officers threw the canisters back into the complex.

BBC reports demonstrators lit fires and attacked the Legislative Council building as thousands joined the march.

An event to mark five years since Beijing ruled out fully democratic elections was banned by officials and called off by organisers.

On Friday, several key pro-democracy activists and lawmakers were arrested.


Via BBC / South China Morning Post / The Guardian / EPA

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