The Corporate Dispatch Week & Diplomatique.Expert Journal – 16th November 2019

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The US Presidential Campaign elections’ star of the week was Pete Buttigieg. His ascent the top of the Iowa polls were given a lot of importance. Given its role as the first state to vote in the presidential primaries, Iowa is key to most Democratic candidates’ strategies. Since 2000, every Democrat who has won the Iowa caucuses has gone on to win the presidential nomination of their party.

Ci Consultas Matthew Bugeja, reviews the campaign of Buttigieg and how his prospects evolved.

The campaigning is taking place against a continuous disrupted backdrop in the US in view of Trump’s impeachment inquiry and the various geopolitical developments. With the Von Der Leyen EU commission still trying to take off the race for command of power amongst European states took a twist with French President Macron declaring NATO as brain dead. This wasn’t the first outing of Macron which stirred debate. Our Brussels correspondent Denise Grech provides insight on the matter.

The disruption is also being witnessed in various cities around the world where people took the streets to protest against their governments or their decisions.  CorporateDispatch.Com research and editor Tonio Galea reviews the world’s ongoing protest mode.

Meanwhile, extreme climatic conditions were experienced in Europe and Australia, with the floods in Venice and the fires in New South Wales, being a manifestation of how all this is effecting the globe and our natural and cultural heritage.

Jesmond Saliba