An international survey reveals the ‘crimes’ against Italian food

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An international survey has revealed the top 10 crimes against Italian food.

Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular, according to a recent YouGov survey, but what passes for Italian food elsewhere makes many Italians cringe. YouGov polled nearly 20,000 people across 17 countries about which alleged “Italian food crimes” were acceptable or not. 

While respondents in Hong Kong and Indonesia thought putting ketchup on pasta was fine, it was numero uno on Italians’ list of culinary abuses.

Completing the list of top ten crimes against Italian food according to the locals polled were: putting pasta in cold water before bringing it to boil, pineapple on pizza, serving pasta as a side, cutting long pasta with a knife, putting cream in a carbonara, adding cheese to a fish dish, rinsing cooked pasta under cold water, drinking cappuccino after a meal, and not adding salt to the water when boiling pasta.

The biggest crimes against Italian food, according to Italians:

  • Using ketchup with pasta
  • Putting pasta in cold water and then boiling it
  • Eating pasta as a side dish
  • Rinsing or cooling off cooked pasta under cold water
  • Having garlic bread with a pasta meal
  • Not adding salt to the water used for boiling pasta
  • Adding cheese to a pasta meal that includes seafood
  • Including cream in carbonara sauce
  • Cutting long pasta with a knife
  • Having pineapple on pizza
  • Drinking cappuccino after an Italian meal

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