The Panama Papers, the movie coming soon

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The Panama Papers leak will be the subject of new cinema production. International sources have announced that the film which will be called The Laundomat, has attracted the attention of Merryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas.

The Laundromat is based on Jake Bernstein’s 2017 book Secrecy World: Inside the Panama Papers Investigation of Illicit Money Networks and the Global Elite. Scott Z. Burns is writing the script, having previously collaborated with Soderbergh on The Informant!, Contagion, and Side Effects.

For director Steven Soderbergh, this film, will be a higher step in film production as so far he has been involved in low-budget movies.

Netflix is “eying” The Laundromat, despite already having a separate “Panama Papers” film in the works with producer John Wells.

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