Update – Man charged with hit-and-run accident / Malta News Briefing – Sunday 7 August 2022

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News Update Briefing

Man charged on hit-and-run Zejtun accident

Dean Donavan Frendo is the person thought of being behind a hit-and-run accident which killed Antonie Degabriele. The 23-year-old was charged in court on Sunday. The case is being heard by Magistrate Rachel Montebello. Frendo was charged with killing Degabriele, driving a vehicle without a license and insurance policy, driving over the speed limit, and tampering of evidence among other charges.

Antoine Degabriele’s lifeless body was found on Friday at around 11.45am, in a field, next to President Anton Buttigieg street in Żejtun. Degabriele was 51 years old. He worked in the catering industry, with people describing him as a widely-loved figure in the community. (Times of Malta) (Net News) (One News)

Dead lawyer’s toxicology tests show presence of alcohol and narcotics

Preliminary toxicology tests have determined a certain level of alcohol and narcotics were present inside the body of Karl Muscat, the 43-year-old lawyer found dead in his Swieqi home. Police sources said they are investigating CCTV footage from around the Triq is-Sirk area to identity the comings-and-goings at the home of Muscat, a prosecutor at the office of the Attorney General, before he was found dead by his family, by the side of his bed. (Malta Today)

Covid-19 Update (Sunday(

26 new coronavirus cases were registered on Sunday, the health authorities said in data published online. As 114 people were deemed to have recovered, the number of active cases stood at 937. (Newsbook)

Gozitan developer was sure he would get planning permit

Qala mayor Paul Buttigieg said Gozitan business tycoon Joseph Portelli was so sure that he would have been granted permission to build swimming pools in protected land in the locality that works started well before. In an interview with The Malta Independent on Sunday, Buttigieg said he had criticised the Planning Authority harshly during a hearing last Tuesday before Portelli was given the green light.

Former Infrastructure Malta CEO to be charged over illegal roadworks

Former Infrastructure Malta boss Fredrick Azzopardi is set to be charged in court with breaking environment protection laws during his time in charge of the roadworks agency.  Azzopardi is expected to be charged in court on Tuesday before magistrate Elaine Mercieca following an investigation by the police’s Environment Protection Unit. The case dates to 2019 when Infrastructure Malta workers defied a stop and compliance order issued by the Environment and Resources Authority over illegal works at Wied Qirda in Żebbuġ. (Times of Malta)

Joseph Muscat has come out in full force defending former Infrastructure Malta CEO Fredrick Azzopardi, stating that the case will eventually be dropped as certain legal points will nullify the charges against him. In his Facebook statement, Muscat said that lawyer friends of his had told him that the case would not work out, and that Azzopardi would have to unnecessarily bear the consequences. He then said that the public functionary who made the decision was simply scared of criticism, or faced pressure by the “usual” people to take this “extreme” decision. (Newsbook)

TM empowered to enforce e-scooter regulations
Following widespread social outcry, Transport Malta officers will, like the police and wardens, be empowered to enforce e-scooter regulations, the state agency said. “TM is in the process of amending the law to empower its enforcement officers to be able to enforce the applicable legislation,” a spokesperson said when contacted.As it stands, the law only permits the police and LESA officers to enforce “any irregularities” related to the use of the scooters, the agency said. The agency also revealed it was currently in the process to identify parking locations with charging facilities where scooters can be parked, the spokesperson said. (Times of Malta)

Gzira man charged with fake bomb threat
32-year-old Shaun Farrugia of Gżira admitted to filing a false report with the Police about a fake bomb threat in a Sliema restaurant earlier this Summer. Farrugia, who is a Gzira councillor on the PN ticket was charged with instilling fear in staff and clients who were in the restaurant and with being a relapser, among others. (TVM News)

Man arrested in connection with hit and run

A man has been arrested in connection with the hit-and-run incident which took place in Zejtun on Friday. The police said that the Major Crimes Unit and the Zejtun district identified the car and driver which hit and killed Antoine Degabriele, 51, in Anton Buttigieg Road. The driver, aged 21, was arrested on Saturday morning. The car, a Mazda Demio, was found in a garage in Zabbar.

Covid-19 Update
50 new cases of Covid-19 were identified overnight, authorities reported on Sunday. With 104 recoveries, the number of known active cases has now gone down to 1,025. (Newsbook)

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