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There’s no time for romanticism in today’s Times’ Editorial as it reflects on the recent tribulations to hit the Police Force. The Editor calls these allegations as a serious abuse, which goes beyond from mismanagement to corruption but also constitute a dereliction of duty, which is a criminal offence. Calling for decisive action to thoroughly reform the organization, the Editor recommends the creation of a small, independent commission, reporting directly to the Prime Minister, to examine the state of leadership, training, moral and organisation of the force, while making recommendations for its improvement.

In-Nazzjon’s Editorial focuses on the same issue, adding that one of the main contributor to the Corps’ current state is the excessive politicization of the organization since Labour came to power in 2013. As proof of this, the Editor highlight the Force’s inaction against well-known cases involving corruption, money-laundering and more.

L-Orizzont takes a look back at the first weeks since the appointment of Prime Minister Robert Abela, describing the first days of the new Government as “significantly stronger than the previous administration”. The Editor attributes this result to the fact that the Prime Minister has not shied from taking the necessary decisions and sending clear indications of the style of administration that should be expected over the coming months and years.

The Malta Independentdedicates today’s editorial to newly-appointed PN interim Secretary-General Francis Zammit Dimech, describing him as a symbol of unity, commitment and an important contributor to the Party throughout the past 40 years. The Editor expresses his belief that Zammit Dimech will be a unifying force, despite acknowledging the significance of the task in front of him.

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