Tremor rocks Sicily this morning, no reports of casualties

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A strong earthquake was reported at 0614 this morning in the province of Palermo.
According to the INGV Seismic Room, it was a 4.3 earthquake with an epicenter on the northern central Sicilian Coast, off Cefalù, and a hypocenter at a depth of 6 km. The main event was followed by two minor tremors, of magnitude 2.0 and 2.2, at 06:23 and 06:39, respectively.

Dozens of phone calls have reached Sicilian firefighters: at the moment there is no damage, but scores of people have left their home. The quake was felt along the entire northern coast of Sicily, from Santo Stefano di Camastra, in the province of Messina, to the province of Trapani.

The tremor was also registered by the Seismic Monitoring & Research Group of the University of Malta.