Turkish trial in Khashoggi killing “nearing deadlock” -journalism watchdog

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A Turkish court resumed a trial over the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Tuesday, as a journalism watchdog described the case as “nearing deadlock” and said the hearing needed to include Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s role.

Khashoggi, a critic of Prince Mohammed, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, 2018. Turkish officials believe his body was dismembered and removed. His remains have not been found.

A U.S. intelligence report released in March said Prince Mohammed had approved the operation to kill or capture Khashoggi in Oct. 2018. The Saudi government has denied any involvement by the crown prince and rejected the report’s findings.

While Washington imposed sanctions on some of those involved, it spared the crown prince himself.

Two requests by lawyers for Hatice Cengiz, Khashoggi’s Turkish fiancee, to have the U.S. report added to the case in Turkey have been rejected by the court in previous sessions.

The Turkish court is trying 26 Saudis in absentia on various charges related to Khashoggi’s murder.

via Reuters

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