Two die as heavy thunderstorms hit Palermo, Sicily

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The Sicilian island was hit with heavy thunderstorms.

The most dramatic situation occurred in Palermo where a flood hit the city on the day of the feast of Santa Rosalia, the local patron Saint.

In some underpasses of the Sicilian Region, motorists were trapped and left the cars and saved themselves by swimming.

In fact two people died drowned. They were in a car, submerged by the rain, which got stuck in the street.

Two children, the youngest of 9 months, were hospitalized for hypothermia. The children were trapped in the car, together with their parents, in the underpass of Viale della Regione, near via Sardegna, submerged by the water. Law enforcement officers removed blankets and thermal sheets from hospitals for people rescued on the street.

The Municipality of Palermo complains about the lack of alarm by the competent authorities. In some underpasses, motorists were trapped and left the cars to swim.

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