U.N. Secretary-General warns he world faces a pandemic of human rights abuses in the wake of Covid-19

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The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has written an op-ed for the Guardian in which he warns that the world “faces a pandemic of human rights abuses in the wake of Covid-19”.

Guterres  wrote that “Covid-19 has deepened preexisting divides, vulnerabilities and inequalities, and opened up new fractures, including faultlines in human rights. The pandemic has revealed the interconnectedness of our human family – and of the full spectrum of human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political and social. When any one of these rights is under attack, others are at risk.”

The U.N Secretary General added that “the virus has thrived because poverty, discrimination, the destruction of our natural environment and other human rights failures have created enormous fragilities in our societies. The lives of hundreds of millions of families have been turned upside down – with lost jobs, crushing debt and steep falls in income.”

Main Photo: A man with face mask walks in front of mural depicting two persons wearing face protective masks amid the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in Cairo, Egypt. EPA-EFE/MOHAMED HOSSAM

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