UK’s Queen Elizabeth returns to work after husband’s funeral

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LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday carried out her first public duties since the funeral of her 99-year-old husband Prince Philip, conducting engagements by videolink with foreign diplomats.

Pictures showed the smiling 95-year-old monarch holding an audience with the new ambassadors for Latvia and Ivory Coast.

Via video Ivita Burmistre, the ambassador from Latvia, presented the Letters of Recall of her predecessor and her own Letters of Credence to the Queen, as did Sara Affoue Amani, the Ivory Coast ambassador.

The queen carried out the engagements from her Windsor Castle home to the west of London where Philip’s funeral was held two weeks ago, and it was the first since a period of official royal mourning ended.

It was, however, not the first official duty since the death of her husband of more than seven decades, hosting a number of audiences the week that followed. 

(Reporting by Michael Holden. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)

Photos / Additional reporting Sky News

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