US troops stationed in Germany could go to Poland

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Georgette Mosbacher, US Ambassador to Poland in a social media post says that Poland, unlike Germany spends two percent of its GDP on NATO and that it would gladly welcome US troops on its soil.

The comments were made as Poland is preparing to welcome US President Donald Trump. President Trump is coming to Poland in just over three weeks. It is already agreed that extra US troops will be deployed on a rotational basis in Poland as part of NATO’s east flank

The US Ambassador issued a tweet on Thursday in which she praised Poland’s record on defence spending.

US President Trump had criticized Germany for not pulling all it’s weight as a NATO member.

Polish President Andrzej Duda and Trump signed a declaration in Washington in mid-June on defence cooperation, which foresees, among other measures, an increase in the permanent rotational presence of US troops in Poland. The US military presence is to be enhanced by about 1,000 soldiers.

The declaration also provided for the creation in Poland of an extended American command at divisional level. In addition, Poland declared readiness to buy 32 fifth-generation multi-task F-35 planes.

Via PolandIn/ Radio Poland

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