USA: Boeing skids on runway and ends in River – all people on board alive, only 2 injured

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A large Boeing jet plane – possibly operated by the US government – has come down in a Florida river, triggering a widespread emergency response, but with all 136 people on board said to be alive and accounted for.

The plane, operated by Miami Air International, a charter firm, had just landed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, after flying from Guantanamo Bay. Images showed the jet – an older Boeing 737 rather than the MAX model that has been involved in several fatal accidents, skidded on the run way and ended up in the St Johns River.

Navy security and emergency response teams were at the scene and monitoring the situation, the Naval Station said.

The mayor of Jacksonville said on Twitter that everyone on board the flight was “alive and accounted for” but that crews were working to control jet fuel on the water.

Via The independent / NBC / Twitter