Venice to charge tourists €10 to enter the city; Crackdown on ‘out-of-control’ holiday rentals

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Venice is to become the first city in the world to introduce a booking system whereby tourists will have to pay up to 10 euros each to enter.

The controversial ticketing initiative, announced on Friday, comes after years of rancorous debate over the suffocating effects of over-tourism on the city long known as “La Serenissima”.

The authorities say the booking system is essential to combat overcrowding, but critics say it edges the World Heritage city closer to being a warped brand of cultural Disneyland.

From January 16, tourists planning to visit will have to make a booking online and pay an entrance fee – or a “contribution to access” as the city prefers to call it.

The amount will vary according to how busy the season is – during Easter, the summer holidays, historic regattas and festivals, the fee will be 10 euros per person. During quieter periods of the year, it will be just three euros a head.

The booking system will apply only to day-trippers on the basis that they make little economic contribution to the city.

There will be no cap placed on how many tourists can enter Venice on any given day.

But the high price of tickets during busy periods is aimed at reducing the influx of visitors at those times.

Anyone caught trying to evade Venice’s entrance fee will face a fine of up to 300 euros and criminal prosecution.A Lower House committee has given the OK to a measure that would enable the city of Venice to impose limits on the number of properties being rented out as holiday homes.

The aim is to ensure there is a balance between the number of tourists in the city and the number of people living there long term in order to preserve Venice’s character.

The measure was presented as amendment to a government decree to help people cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

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